The classroom in the stable

The "Stadt-Land-Stall" project offers kindergarten and school children the opportunity to visit animal stables and learn more about animal husbandry and the research done at the FBN. Through adapted booklets and leporellos, the children are introduced to the facets of farm animal husbandry in a playful way through their own exploratory learning and can record their experiences and findings.

A lot has happened since its inception in 2018. A particular highlight of the project in 2021 was the designation of the FBN as an extracurricular place of learning. This underlines the importance of the project and its contribution to promoting education and awareness of the environment and sustainability among children and young adolescents.

"Stadt-Land-Stall" offers children as well as teachers and student teachers a unique opportunity to experience animal husbandry and research, e.g. on the topic of animal welfare, at first hand. It helps children to develop an understanding of natural interrelationships and cycles and to take responsibility for the environment.

Schools (upper secondary level) also have the opportunity to experience the topic of "micro-worlds" in cooperation with the school laboratory in Groß Lüsewitz by combining a barn with a laboratory (2-day excursion).

For student teachers, we offer the special opportunity to write the first state examination with us. In addition, we also participate in the module "Extracurricular places of learning" of the University of Rostock.

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