Service Group Smart Livestock Farming

The Service Group Smart Livestock Farming deals with all aspects of precision livestock farming.

This includes:

  • the conception of application scenarios for IT in the barn with regard to practical as well as scientific aspects
  • the planning of technical equipment with respect to the special requirements of farms and the specification of software requirements
  • the development of own technical solutions such as sensors for the monitoring of animal behaviour
  • the implementation of automated procedures for data analysis and visualisation.

As part of our conceptual work, members of the service group are active in national and international committees for the digitalisation of livestock husbandry. At the same time, the service group counsels the FBN's administration and scientific departments in the implementation of digitalisation projects. In the context of our own scientific work, the smart farming unit is engaged in the development of practical solutions for the automation of procedures in the barn. These projects are generally conducted in close cooperation with barn equipment, farming and information technology organisations and companies. The smart farming unit thus represents the interface of the FBN to the topic of Precision Livestock Farming. A special focus lies on the automation of instrumental learning in farm animals.

Monitor eines automatischen F√ľtterungssystems im Schweinestall
Innenaufbau einer Ohrmarke und Ohrmarke beim Schwein
Bild einer Leiterplatte