Quality Management

Quality Management (QM) is responsible for administering a continuous improvement process at the Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN) according to the guiding principle that nothing is so good it cannot become better.

There are five quality areas at the FBN:

  • Management processes
  • Research
  • Services
  • Employee orientation
  • Information management

The exact understanding of quality at the FBN and the related scope of action have been established for each of these areas. QM standardises procedures relevant for quality and describes them in “processes”.

Relieving employees of routine tasks to gain more time for creative performance is the goal. All processes are continuously reviewed and adapted as needed in order to realise their continuous improvement (PDCA cycle).

The Quality Management Representative (QMR) moderates the improvement process. Preparing, updating and auditing quality-related documents are the responsibility of the QMR – always under the aspect that research is the core process of the FBN.

The QMR is also involved in communicating the “rules of good scientific practices”. These rules form the basis of high-quality scientific work and are imparted to the scientific employees, for instance through training, instruction and workshops.

Quality assurance is supported externally by the Scientific Advisory Board, which conducts a scientific evaluation of the FBN at least once a year and continuously assesses each research project.