Working Group Metabolic Health

Metabolic physiology fundamentals and adequate nutrition for healthy calf development and dairy cows with a robust metabolism.

A dairy cow with a robust metabolism and long useful life is a prerequisite for sustainable milk production. Even the nutrition of the newborn calf influences the subsequent specific health and performance characteristics.

We investigate the importance of nutrients and bio-active substances, especially via the colostrum and milk supply, on the metabolism, health and immune system of calves along with their long-term effects on metabolic stability in the dairy cow. Here we are particularly interested in the metabolism but also in the immune system and therefore the phases of calving and early lactation that are especially stressful for animal health.

We also examine the adequate supply of nutrients and bio-active substances for the dairy cow and their influence on regulation of the energy metabolism with the objective of better understanding endocrine regulation mechanisms for the supply of nutrients to specific organs and reducing the metabolic stress of the dairy cow.

The focus is on investigations of the endocrine regulation of nutrient distribution and the energy metabolism in the overall organism, but also in the individual organs and tissues.


Prof. Dr. med. vet. Lisa Bachmann
Nutrition and Metablism
Dr. agr. Wendy Liermann
Nutrition and Metablism
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E-Mail +49 38208 68-666
Arash Veshkini, Ph.D.
Nutrition and Metablism
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Supervised Doctoral Candidates

Alixandrine Stoschus
Nutrition and Metablism
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