Working Group Cell Biology of Muscle Growth

Fundamental principles of skeletal muscle plasticity and cell-based generation of animal protein.

Myogenic stem cells such as satellite cells (SC) are essentially involved in the processes of myofiber formation and hypertrophy.

Their functional properties (e.g., adhesion, proliferation, differentiation, bioenergetics) determine the muscles growth and regeneration potential as well as its adaptability. Moreover, during critical periods of muscle development the functionality of SC can be changed permanently by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Therefore, we are working on the identification and characterization of myogenic stem cell populations and want to discover which causal regulatory chains determine their generation, maturation and functionality in postnatal muscle development. On this basis, we are working to reproduce the natural processes of muscle development, in particular the proliferation of progenitor cells and their differentiation into muscle fibers, using biotechnological methods.

The main research topics of our working group are:

  • Molecular and metabolic control of early postnatal myogenic processes in farm animals (pig, chicken)
  • Modulation of SC growth behaviour by diet compounds, bioactive substances and components of the immune system
  • Basics of generating protein for human nutrition from animal stem cells

Our findings contribute to a better understanding of the processes of skeletal muscle development and plasticity. At long last this will help to improve muscle health, body composition and meat quality in farm animals. We are also looking at alternative and environmentally friendly ways to produce animal protein as a component of global food security.


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