Research Data Management

Research Data Management regulates the handling of research data.

The term "research data" includes all data generated and/or collected during scientific activities or serving and documenting the scientific knowledge process.

Good scientific practice requires responsible handling of all research-related data. This is essential for the traceability of research, future research and the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

FBN employees must securely store, appropriately process, and document their research data. In addition, long-term preservation of research data must also be ensured.

Research Data Management at the FBN supports staff in all matters relating to research data, e.g. in the creation of data management plans, long-term preservation and publication of research data, and the maintenance of laboratory books.

Regular training courses and workshops are offered by the Research Data Management team. Checklists, templates and other information material are available to employees on the intranet. Individual consulting is also available.

Within the framework of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), the FBN is involved in the NFDI4Biodiversity consortium ( to make diverse and high-quality biodiversity data available.

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