Leibniz Research Alliance "Healthy Ageing"

The average life expectancy in the industrialised nations has doubled for both women and men in the last 120 years. On the other hand, the functionality of all organs becomes increasingly limited with age, all the way to serious illnesses. At the same time, the higher life expectancy together with lower birth rates is leading to demographic change.

These changes pose tremendous challenges for science and society. Keeping the life phase limited by ageing processes as short as possible and making it possible for the gain in lifetime to be positive are therefore the goals.

To this end, 21 scientific institutes of the Leibniz Association have joined together in the Leibniz Research Alliance "Healthy Ageing". They clarify the biological and social fundamentals of ageing through interdisciplinary projects.

The interdisciplinary approach which is unique in this form in the German research landscape makes it possible to analyse interactions between biological-medical and social-economic aspects. Intervention and adaptation strategies to effectively promote healthy ageing are ultimately developed.  

The Leibniz Research Alliance "Healthy Ageing" not only sees itself as an interdisciplinary research network but also as a political and media contact. This applies for all biological-medical and social-economic issues related to ageing.

PD Dr. Andreas Höflich Contact person at the FBN
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