Leibniz Research Alliance "Food and Nutrition"

The Leibniz Research Alliance "Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition" – Leibniz Research Alliance "Food and Nutrition" research association for short – bundles the competencies of 15 Leibniz institutions from various disciplines in the areas of food production and nutrition, and serves as a joint platform for the association partners conducting decentralised and independent research. 

The Leibniz Research Alliance "Food and Nutrition" considers itself an interdisciplinary research structure that scientifically examines the two interrelated social challenges of "sustainable food production" and "healthy nutrition".

The partner institutes have recognised expertise in their original fields and competencies at all relevant scale levels. Developing systems science fundamentals is an essential goal of the research association in order to meet the interdisciplinary challenge of "sustainable food production and healthy nutrition" in its complexity at all system levels, making it possible to provide society with scientifically substantiated, systemically verified recommendations.

Additional goals include the closer networking of the association partners’ varied activities, developing, supporting and accompanying joint research activities, and imparting bundled knowledge to the public, politics and media.

Prof. Dr. Christa Kühn Contact person at the FBN
+49 38208 68-702