Analysis of genetic factors influencing embryonal and larval growth during Transgression of Sander (S. lucioperca)

Contact: Dr. Bianka Grunow

Duration: 2021-2021

Funding: Europäischer Meeres- und Fischereifonds / Ministerium für Landwirtschaft und Umwelt MV

In this study, we want to investigate the growth variance of pikeperch (S. lucioperca) larvae in more detail. The identification of the genes responsible for the high growth variance of the larvae will be identified to ensure a first step towards the production of uniform larvae. This could lead to a reduction of the high mortality rates due to cannibalism and thus to higher survival rates and ultimately more adults for food production. Therefore, in this study, expression profiles of developmental and skeletal muscle growth genes (important for jaw formation and body growth) will be determined in pikeperch larvae of different ages and growth ratios.