CELLZERO Meat – Innovative Lösungen zur Zell-basierten, Gentechnik- und Antibiotika-freien Erzeugung von hochwertigem tierischem Protein

Contact: PD Dr. Monika Röntgen

Duration: 2020-2021

Funding: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

By 2050, the human population is expected to increase to about 10 billion people. One of the most important tasks and challenges of our era is therefore to ensure nutrition on a global scale, especially the supply of high quality animal protein. One environmentally and resource-friendly, healthier and climate-independent alternative to conventionally meat produced with farm animals is so-called “cell-based” meat. The basic principle of this innovative form of meat production is to mimic the natural processes of muscle development using biotechnological methods. For this purpose, precursor cells are obtained, expanded in vitro and differentiated into muscle fibers. At present, cultured meat is only produced in small quantities in the laboratory, is expensive and not yet available on the market. Therefore, the project aims at developing new innovative approaches, which should enable the effective production of "cell-based" meat on a large scale.