Open and Reproducible Science

The group ORS provides expertise on the practical implementation of specific research practices to improve the reproducibility and robustness of scientific results at the FBN and beyond.

ORS was established to develop concrete measures to effectively implement the principles of Open Science in research at the FBN. The main activities include organising events to inform about new tools and opportunities to improve the robustness, repeatability and transferability of scientific results.

ORS has the following focus areas:

  • Provide information on opportunities for researchers to publish their research data (#OpenData) while protecting their interests
  • Provide detailed information on processes of open science practice, such as pre-registration of experimental protocols, publication of preprints and Green #OpenAccess publication
  • Provide information on institutional resources to improve the implementation of open science practices (e.g. via the FBN's Open Access Fund)
  • Establishing an institutional repository for the storage and dissemination of green #OpenAccess postprints

  • Support and guide researchers to make research data and algorithms available for reuse (#OpenData & #OpenCode).
  • Establish an institutional policy for sharing data and code.
  • Support access to and deposit of scientific data in appropriate public repositories.

  • Organisation of workshops and seminars on the topic of "Open and Reproducible Science".
  • Implementation of the topic in the curriculum and supervision of doctoral students
  • Active participation in the scientific network of MV (ORDS - Open Reproducible Data Science and Statistics)
  • Informing doctoral students and ECRs about projects, initiatives and funding on the topic of Open Science
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The group ORS is currently composed of members from the following disciplines:

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, just send us an email: AG-ORS{at}