Animal welfare

We conduct research on and with our livestock to increase knowledge of a variety of biological functions and the physiological and ethological needs and abilities of the animals and then derive solutions for sustainable and animal-friendly livestock farming. For this purpose, we carry out experiments with our cattle, pigs, chicken, goats, mice and fish, using modern housing facilities.

Our experiments on animals are designed to deliver meaningful results and take the welfare of the animals into account, which is a key concern of our research work. In addition, our experiments also help to improve the animal's well-being, as we develop insights that will harmonize the match between housing conditions and the animals’ needs.

Understanding the needs of the animals in terms of nutrition, health, their behaviour, their perception and evaluation of the environment enables their individual, situational care. The areas animal health, animal behaviour and emotions are combined in the concept of animal welfare: When animals are healthy, able to behave normally and negative emotions can be avoided, then it can be assumed that the animals are reared in an animal-friendly manner, with good animal welfare status.

Dr. Olaf Bellmann Animal Welfare Officer
+49 38208 68-785