The winners of the Day of the Doctoral Student 2019 have been announced

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For the 19th time, the FBN has organized a competition for doctoral students.

This year, 26 young scientists who are currently writing their dissertations at the FBN took part in the competition.

In the category ‚Beginners‘ Isabel M. van Ackern won the competition with her theme „Effect of endocannabinoids on energy metabolism of the late lactating Simmental cow“.

Among the advanced students Jan Klosa received the coveted award for his work on „Generalised sparse-group lasso for whole-genome regression and genomic selection“.

For the first time, a prize was also awarded in the category ‚Best Knowledge Transfer‘ to the Public, won by Susen Heimbürge with „Hair cortisol as a retrospective and minimally invasive indicator for stress in pigs and cattle“.

Photo (from left to right): Susen Heimbürge, Jan Klosa and Isabel M. van Ackern