Day of Doctoral Students at FBN: Research to mitigate nitrogen emissions and reduce animal experiments win!

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On 12.11.2020 the Day of Doctoral Students at FBN took place for the 20th time and, as a novelty, for the first time as an online seminar due to corona conditions.

A total of 22 young FBN scientists from 9 nations presented their projects online to an expert jury of renowned scientists. The topics ranged from resource efficiency to animal welfare and covered species from cattle to soldier flies.

The winner in the category beginners, Yagmur Kaya from the Junior Research Group Growth Physiology of Fish, presented her progress in establishing cell cultures of the Maraena Whitefish to study environmental influences on the development of fish cells. In the long term, this can replace experiments with the endangered fish species itself.

In a close competition, Carolin Müller from the Research Unit Metabolic Efficiency prevailed among the advanced doctoral students with her presentation on the differences in the physiological regulation of nitrogen excretion via urine and milk in cattle. Her investigations showed that different filtration capacities of the kidneys regulate the urea concentration in urine and milk. A better understanding of these mechanisms may help to reduce nitrogen emissions from ruminants.

The work of Neele Dirksen from the Research Unit for Farm Animal Ethology, who is working on her "cow toilet" project to train the excretion behaviour of cattle, also contributes to reducing nitrogen emissions in the form of ammonia from the barn. See also: Can cattle keep their barns clean? Her contribution brought Mrs Dirksen the "Transfer Science to Public" prize, which was only awarded for the second time.

We congratulate the winners and thank all participants for their dedicated work!

Carolin Müller
Yagmur Kaya
Neele Dirksen