Summer School of the EU project PIGWEB attracts young researchers to Dummerstorf and Rostock

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Focus on responsible research on pigs to improve sustainability, health and animal welfare

An international Summer School with 15 young researchers from 12 countries will take place at FBN from 24 to 28 April 2023. More than 80 participants will also follow the courses online. The researchers, who will be present in person or via livestream, come from a total of 27 different countries on all continents. And the field of lecturers is also international. In addition to lecturers from the FBN, other speakers from 7 different EU countries are travelling to Dummerstorf. The Summer School was organised within the framework of the EU-funded PIGWEB project, which started in 2021. The PIGWEB project aims to provide access to European research infrastructure, strengthen collaboration in pig research and bring together industrial and societal stakeholders.

Participation in the PIGWEB Summer School will help to disseminate the methods developed and results obtained in the project, provide training opportunities for young researchers to ensure the succession of a new generation of highly qualified experts in the field of pig production, and impart knowledge about the ethical treatment of the farm animal pig. In addition, the Summer School expands the professional network of the young researchers in pig research and provides contacts to the leading European research institutions in this field.  The researchers can expect a varied programme with courses on highly topical research topics, supplemented by practical units in the FBN laboratories. Topics include teaching non-invasive methods for pig experiments, data management and documentation in research facilities, and advances in nutritional concepts and methods for pigs.

PIGWEB is funded under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme and involves 16 European partners, including not only research institutions but also exploitation and transfer institutions and industrial partners.


Institute Director Prof. Klaus Wimmers welcomes the participants of the PIGWEB Summer School at the FBN