Minister Dr. Till Backhaus visits the FBN

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As part of his "summer tour", the Minister for Climate Protection, Agriculture, Rural Areas and the Environment, Dr. Till Backhaus, visited our campus in Dummerstorf yesterday. During his stay, he gained insights into our latest research projects.

Dr. Backhaus asked Dr. Manfred Mielenz at the FBN's Animal Technology Center about the latest research findings on the soldier fly and its role in resource cycles and as a feed alternative. In the experimental bovine facility, Annkatrin Pahl presented her research project on the behavior of cows in their social relationships.

Particularly inspiring was the presentation by Volker Röttgen and Dr. Susanne Demba from Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences on the "barn of the future." This visionary approach to creating an innovative dairy barn was lively discussed and met with great approval from Minister Backhaus. He emphasized the importance of closely linking research and practice, as well as the need to network the agricultural research institutions in the state more closely and set them up for the future. Dr. Backhaus emphasized: "Agricultural research has the potential to provide solutions to the many challenges facing agriculture - whether in the areas of environmental protection, climate, animal-friendly husbandry or consumer demands. As a major agricultural location, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern bears a special responsibility for high-quality food production and the protection of natural resources."

However, Dr. Backhaus also expressed his incomprehension of the attitude of the German government, which does not want to continue supporting the "Barn of the Future" project. This groundbreaking project, of crucial importance for livestock research in Germany, is now on the back burner. The federal program's funding runs until the end of 2024, jeopardizing the timely completion of the innovative barn facility for dairy cattle. The minister emphasized the far-reaching consequences for the industry and society should essential animal welfare issues not be put into practice.

Minister Backhaus' visit underscored the relevance of agricultural research and its role in addressing current challenges in agriculture. Close collaboration between research institutions such as FBN and other partners is seen as key to developing innovative solutions. The team from FBN would like to thank him again for the great visit!

Minister Dr. Till Backhaus learns about the soldier fly from Dr. Manfred Mielenz.