Identification of molecular markers for crowding stress in rainbow trout

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As one of the prestigious scientific journals for publication of scientific data on aquatic organisms farmed in aquaculture, the journal ‘Aquaculture’ has published results of the FBN about the well-being of rainbow trout.

The scientists Alexander Rebl, Manuela Zebunke, Marieke Verleih, Tom Goldammer, the former FBN PhD student Andreas Borchel, who is currently working as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bergen (Norway), and Ralf Bochert from the LFA-MV (Institute of Fisheries) present newest results about crowding stress in rainbow trout, which is a key factor determining the productivity of fish aquaculture systems.

The comprehensive recording of animal-based biomarkers is becoming increasingly important for the further development of the aquaculture industry with importance for fish well-being and consumer opinion. The present study compares the transcriptomic profiles of rainbow trout exposed to different stocking densities, identifies different regulated genes, and correlates these data sets with classical, often less reliable plasma parameters and behavioral observations.

You can find the open access article here: