High standards in working with animals

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Advanced course in laboratory animal science took place for the second time

In cooperation with the Berlin compact courses, the advanced course in laboratory animal science (formerly FELASA-C) was held at the FBN for the second time last week. The work with animals in the context of research at the FBN requires specially trained staff: With regard to the design of animal experiments, high demands are made in terms of animal protection and animal welfare; investigators and their deputies must undergo regular further training in order to meet these requirements. In the advanced course on laboratory animal science, not only ethical issues are discussed, but also the application process, the execution of animal experiments and the rules of the "3R principle" ("replace", "reduce", "refine"), especially in relation to the different farm animal species.
The FBN, which since last year has been officially recognised by the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Veterinary Association as a training centre for veterinarians specialising in laboratory animal science, will in future offer the advanced course in laboratory animal science twice a year, with a special focus on farm animals. It is aimed not only at FBN staff but also at scientists from other institutions.