FBN runners successful at the anniversary Company Run in Rostock

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FBN runners successful at the anniversary Company Run in Rostock

...and yes, they can: Winning!

At the 10th Rostock Company Run on 19.06.19, a men's team and a women's team competed for the FBN, as they did last year. Fun at the sporty activity and the team spirit are to be called for and promoted. Both teams had already achieved excellent rankings last year (6th for men and 2nd for women). Both teams were spurred on: The men finally wanted to climb the podium and the women wanted to repeat their previous year's performance. Therefore they trained together during the lunch break and after work. At least once a week they ran together (endurance and sprints). In addition, the runners did runs on their own and thus motivated each other.

"The most difficult thing is the start and the relay baton handover, because there are a lot of people standing on the same heap and it's hard to get past," says start runner Tina Gnott from the women's team. "It's important to be able to take off right at the start with a sprint so that you're not hindered by other runners," adds start runner Roberto Brückmann.

Both teams fought up to the end against 30 degrees C° and glowing sun. But the training and the will to win paid off in the end. Our men managed to push themselves in the second round to position 1 and held the top until the end. With a winning time of 49:31 min they ran together over the finish line. Our women were rewarded with a time of 1:04:50 h with a great third rank.

"It's overwhelming! Finally we made it to the podium. And then rank 1! Unbelievable", Frieder Hadlich is visibly happy after the run. Also with the women pride is spreading, Manuela Reichelt says: "We were soo excited and really trembled in between. The pressure was already great because we were so good last year. And this year we actually made it to the podium again. We are happy about this team effort."

The FBN most cordially congratulates both teams.

Runners, from left: Frieder Hadlich,  Maren Kreiser, Roberto Brückmann, Manuela Reichelt, Leon Eggers, Tina Gnott, 

Worth knowing about the Rostock company run:

This year the Rostock company run celebrated its 10th anniversary. With a record number of participants of approx. 750 teams it is one of the biggest running events in Rostock and surroundings. In a relay consisting of 4 persons each runner has to master a circuit of 3.5 km at the city harbour in Rostock. Pure men's teams, women's teams, but also mixed teams can register.