A review paper from the FBN was selected by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal "animal" as "Article of the Month" in the current issue, June 2017.

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Title of the manuscript: Invited review: nutrient-sensing receptors for free fatty acids and hydroxycarboxylic acids in farm animals

The highlighted manuscript of PD Dr. Manfred Mielenz is a review paper on two receptor families in farm animals, which sense the quality and the amount of specific nutrients. Members of one family bind preferably fatty acids.

In life sciences these receptors are intensively investigated. In humans these receptors are discussed as important targets for the treatment of metabolic diseases and influencing the immune response. In contrast, in farm animals there is relatively little information available. Fatty acids are consumed with food or synthesised by microbial processes, e.g., inside the rumen of ruminants and large intestine. The receptors found in the intestine are therefore communication interfaces between microorganisms and their host. However, receptors are observed also on other specific cell types, e.g., in adipose tissue, the pancreas, or immune cells. The receptors play a role in the microbiota-host interaction. It is anticipated that they will receive more and more attention also in farm animal research.

The manuscript can be found following the link: https://doi.org/10.1017/S175173111600238X