Biology Laboratory Technican (m/f/d)

You can turn your passion for biology into a profession!
With the training as a biology laboratory technician (m/f/d)!

Have you always been fascinated by the way the connections in nature work and were you looking forward to biology lessons at school? Then this job is exactly the right one for you.

Precision, patience and care are particularly important for the profession of a biology laboratory technician (m/f/d)!

At the beginning you start with small tasks, such as pipetting liquids.
Step by step you will learn how to handle, clean and care for instruments and technical equipment in the laboratory. You will also learn how to record, professionally document and evaluate measured data. In the laboratory, you will work with living organisms - from microorganisms and cell cultures to our farm animals.
You will learn the responsible handling of pigs, goats, mice and co. and you will be involved in the taking of samples from living and dead animals in our animal experiment facilities and in the slaughterhouse.

You will spend part of your 3.5-year dual training at the vocational school in Zierow. From anatomy to zoology, there are many biological fields that you will get to know. In addition, courses will also be held at the BCAW Bildungscenter in Rostock, among others.

Required school-leaving certificate
This training is not without its difficulties! Therefore the condition for an application is a good secondary school certificate. In any case you need a good knowledge of biological processes, chemical elements, physical quantities and mathematics. The FBN works in cooperation with many institutions from currently 41 countries, so ideally you should also have a good knowledge of English.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our research team in order to better understand the animal as a system and the animal in the system.

Coat closed, gloves on, goggles on and off to work.