Animal Farmer (m/f/d) Specialising In Pig Farming

If you love animals, this training is just the right choice for you!

This year, the Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN) is training animal farmers (m/f/d) in the field of pig farming.

As an animal farmer (m/f/d), you take care of breeding and fattening animals from birth to sale.
This includes the care of pregnant sows, birth monitoring, piglet rearing, health control, feeding the animals, compliance with animal protection and hygiene regulations, documentation in the barn and marketing the animals.

The training takes 3 years and combines practical work (Dummerstorf) and vocational school (Güstrow Bockhorst).
In addition to the training, courses are also held at the State Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture of Sachsen-Anhalt (Iden)
Participation in trade fairs, breeders' meetings and workshops are desired and take place regularly.

Necessary school-leaving certificate
Prerequisite for an application is a good secondary school leaving certificate or the intermediate school leaving certificate, good knowledge in biology and mathematics is an important element in the training.
It is also important that you enjoy working with animals, have good skills in observation and technical understanding, and act independently and responsibly.