Themes for Qualification Works

Within the scope of your course of studies or qualification project, we offer you challenging topics in all areas of farm animal science. Comprehensive, modern working materials are available to you for working on the topics. Naturally our scientists also actively support you in your project.

Master’s thesis

Thema Institut Kontakt
Glycomic analysis of antibodies in plasma as well as milk samples Institute of Reproductive Biology PD Dr. Sebastian Peter Galuska
Zeitreihenanalyse zur Untersuchung der Zusammenhänge zwischen Futteraufnahme und Druckänderungen im Vormagen von Kälbern Institute of Genetics and Biometry and Institute of Nutritional Physiology "Oskar Kellner" Dr. Pål Westermark; PD Dr. Björn Kuhla
Analysis of birth weight-related changes in porcine muscle characteristics Institute of Muscle Biology and Growth PD Dr. Monika Röntgen
Differences in muscle microstructure and biochemical properties of muscles from layer and broiler chicken with or without nematode infection Institute of Muscle Biology and Growth PD Dr. Monika Röntgen
1. The impact of the metabolic‐epigenetic axis in modulating Drosophila healthspan and lifespan or 2. The impact of altered metabolic‐epigenetic connectivity during age‐associated memory impairment in mice Research Group Epigenetics, Metabolism and Longevity Dr. Shahaf Peleg