Reproductive Biology – Publications

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Palma Vera, S. E. (2022):
The world's longest selection experiment on mice provides unique animal models for exploring the architecture of polygenic traits. Nature Portfolio Ecology & Evolution Community -: -
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Author Correction: Genomic characterization of the world’s longest selection experiment in mouse reveals the complexity of polygenic traits. BMC BIOL 20: 238, 1-2
Kühnle, A. (2021):
Charakterisierung der Interaktion von Lactoferrin mit Polysialinsäure im Zusammenspiel mit neutrophilen extrazellulären Fallen Gießen: 1-118
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Stressors modulating granulosa cell functionality, ovulation and oocyte competence in bovines Rostock: 1-179
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The Potential of Sialylated Conjugates as Modulators of the Innate Immune System Gießen: 1-153
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New Perspectives In The Objective Evaluation Of Animal Welfare, With Focus On The Domestic Pig [epublished ahead of print]. J APPL ANIM WELF SCI
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