Nutritional Physiology – Publications

Nolte, W.; Weikard, R.; Albrecht, E.; Hammon, H. M.; Kühn, C. (2022):
Metabogenomic analysis to functionally annotate the regulatory role of long non-coding RNAs in the liver of cows with different nutrient partitioning phenotype. Genomics 114 (1): 202-214
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Veshkini, A.; Hammon, H. M.; Vogel, L.; Delosière, M.; Viala, D.; Déjean, S; Tröscher, A.; Ceciliani, F.; Sauerwein, H.; Bonnet, M. (2022):
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Cellular detection of the chemokine receptor CXCR4 in bovine mammary glands and its distribution and regulation on bovine leukocytes. J Dairy Sci 105 (1): 866-876
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Dietary fiber and its role in performance, welfare, and health of pigs. ANIM HEALTH RES REV 23 (2): 1 65-193
Albornoz, R.; Kennedy, K. M.; Bradford, B. (2022):
Symposium review: Fueling appetite: Nutrient metabolism and the control of feed intake. J Dairy Sci
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Lipid metabolism, fatty acid composition and meat quality in broilers supplemented with increasing levels of defrosted black soldier fly larvae [epublishing ahead of print] . J INSECTS FOOD FEED
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Weber, L. P.; Dreyer, S.; Heppelmann, M.; Schaufler, K.; Hohmeier-Bachmann, T.; Bachmann, L. (2021):
Prevalence and Risk Factors for ESBL/AmpC-E. coli in Pre-Weaned Dairy Calves on Dairy Farms in Germany. MICROORGANISMS 9 (10): 2135, 1-12
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Einfluss einer maternalen Supplementation mit essentiellen Fettsäuren und konjugierter Linolsäure auf den Fettsäurestatus sowie den Energiestoffwechsel und die Entwiklung neugeborener Kälber Kiel: 1-224
Haubold, S. S. (2021):
Einflüsse essentieller Fettsäuren zusammen mit konjugierter Linolsäure auf Leistung, Stoffwechsel, Entzündungsparameter und oxidativen Stress bei Milchühen Leipzig: 1-148
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vanAckern, I.; Kuhla, A.; Kuhla, B. (2021):
A Role for Peripheral Anandamide and 2-Arachidonoylglycerol in Short-Term Food Intake and Orexigenic Hypothalamic Responses in a Species with Continuous Nutrient Delivery. Nutrients 13 (10): 3587, 1-16
Tümmler, L.-M.; Derno, M.; Tuchscherer, A.; Kanitz, E.; Kuhla, B. (2021):
Effects of 2 liquid feeding rates over the first 3 months of life on whole-body energy metabolism and energy use efficiency of dairy calves up to 5 months. J Dairy Sci 104 (9): 10399-10414
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Identification of Genomic Regions Influencing N-Metabolism and N-Excretion in Lactating Holstein- Friesians. Front Genet 12: 699550, 1-12