Muscle Biology and Growth – Publications

Nolte, W.; Weikard, R.; Albrecht, E.; Hammon, H. M.; Kühn, C. (2022):
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RNA-seq of nine canine prostate cancer cell lines reveals diverse therapeutic target signatures. CANCER CELL INT 22: 54, 1-21
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Ma, Y; Sender, G.; Sekora, A.; Kong, W.; Bauer, Peter; Ameziane, N.; Ruslan, A.; Krake, S.; Radefeldt, M.; Weiss, Frank-Ulrich; Lerch, M.; Parveen, A.; Junghanss, C.; Murua Escobar, H. (2022):
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Myogenic Precursor Cells Show Faster Activation and Enhanced Differentiation in a Male Mouse Model Selected for Advanced Endurance Exercise Performance. Cells-Basel 11 (6): 101, 1-20
Stange, K.; Keric, A.; Friese, A.; Röntgen, M. (2022):
Preparation of spheroids from primary pig cells in a mid-scale bioreactor retaining their myogenic potential. Cells-Basel 11 (9): 1453, 1-18
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Lipid metabolism, fatty acid composition and meat quality in broilers supplemented with increasing levels of defrosted black soldier fly larvae [epublishing ahead of print] . J INSECTS FOOD FEED
Yu, H.; Zhao, Y.; Iqbal, A.; Xia, L.; Bai, Z.; Sun, H.; Fang, X.; Yang, R; Zhao, Z. (2021):
Effects of polymorphism of the GPAM gene on milk quality traits and its relation to triglyceride metabolism in bovine mammary epithelial cells of dairy cattle. ARCH ANIM BREED 64 (1): 35-44
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Early phases of skeletal muscle and intramuscular fat development in neonatal piglets with low compared to normal birth weight and under the influence of glutamine supplementation Rostock: 1-108
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Fettsäuren im Rinderhaar - Zusammenhang zur Gesundheit. In: "Die optimale Kuh: gesund, effizient, umweltgerecht" Abschlussveranstaltung (Bayerische Forschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft, Hrsg.) Dresden (1611-4159) (5): 76-79"
Kong, W.; Sender, G.; Taher, L.; Villa-Perez, S.; Ma, Y.; Sekora, A.; Ruetgen, B. C.; Brenig, B.; Beck, U.; Schütz, E.; Junghanns, C.; Nolte, I.; Murua Escobar, H. (2021):
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In Vitro Fish Models for the Analysis of Exotoxins and Temperature Increase in the Context of Global Warming. TOXICS 9 (11): 286, 1-15
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Wnt signaling related transcripts and their relationship to energy metabolism in C2C12 myoblasts under temperature stress. PeerJ 9: e11625, 1-20
Abu Risha, M.; Siengdee, P.; Dannenberger, D.; Wimmers, K.; Ponsuksili, S. (2021):
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Einfluss verschiedener Futtermittel auf die Fleischqualität des Zanders. Mitteilungen der Landesforschungsanstalt für Landw 63: 116