Muscle Biology and Growth – Experimental Facilities

Biochemical Laboratories

GC-MS/MS, HRGC, HPLC-DAD/UV/FL , Ag+-HPLC,TLC, Fluorimetry, Spectrophotometry, ECL-Immunoassays, analytical and preparative protein biochemistry (immuno-precipitation, electrophoretical and blotting methods), enzyme assays

Cell Culture Laboratory/cellphysiological methods

Myogenic and adipogenic primary cells from farm animals (pig, chicken, bovine) and cell lines, hybridoma cells

Molecular Biology Laboratory (S1, GenTSV)

DNA and RNA isolation, PCR, RT-qPCR, cloning

Histological-Histochemical Laboratories

Cryostatmicrotomy, structural analyses of tissues, immunohisto- and cytochemistry

Microscopy- and Computer Image Analysis Laboratory

Transmitted-light and fluorescence microscopy, image analysis system, Laser-Microdissection, Live-Cell-Imaging

Experimental Slaughterhouse

Experimental slaughter, dissection of carcasses in cuts and tissues, Weight recording, sampling and preparation of samples, measurement of carcass and meat quality, autoclaving

Chemical-Physical Meat Laboratory

Nutrient composition of meat, pH, conductivity, impedance, color, water binding capacity, shear force