Institute of Muscle Biology and Growth – Overview

Skeletal Muscle – Heterogenous organ system with impact on metabolism, animal health and, product quality

Scientists with expertise in agricultural and nutritional sciences, veterinary medicine, biology and chemistry work together on the elucidation of basic cellular processes in skeletal muscle tissue. Mechanisms of development and growth of muscle, adipose and connective tissue as well as the complex interactions between them are in the focus of research. The derived knowledge is of crucial importance for maintaining animal health, and is prerequisite for efficient and sustainable production of meat for human consumption. Analyses are performed with most modern methods together with a team of highly qualified technicians. Beside investigations on farm animal and aquaculture species, model organisms as well as cell cultures are used. Most projects are interdisciplinary and involve partners from the FBN, national and international institutions.

An experimental slaughterhouse and a meat quality laboratory are integral parts of the institute and provide ideal conditions for sampling and data collection for scientific investigations of all institutes of the FBN Dummerstorf.