Signal Transduction Unit

There is a vast number of genes, however there is a comparatively low number of growth-relevant hormone systems and signal cascades.

We investigate the effects of individual genes on intracellular signal cascades. The investigated genes are, in particular members of the GH/IGF system that exerts a significant influence on growth and muscle mass but also on energy metabolism.

In our work, genotype-based animal models (transgenic and knockout mice) are integrated, as are phenotype-based animal models (Dummerstorf long-term selection mouse lines and farm animal breeds).

Together with the Department of Fish Genetics, our department is involved in the iRhythmics project, which is funded as part of the second round of the state's Excellence Research Programme.


Dr. rer. nat. Julia Brenmoehl
Institute of Genome Biology
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E-Mail +49 38208 68-937
Dr. rer. nat. Anne-Marie Galow
Institute of Genome Biology
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E-Mail +49 38208 68-723

Supervised Doctoral Candidates

Elli Brosig
Caroline Caffier
Christian Zettl
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E-Mail +49 38208 68-943