Signal Transduction Unit

There is a vast number of genes, however there is a comparatively low number of growth-relevant hormone systems and signal cascades.

We investigate the effects of individual genes on intracellular signal cascades. The investigated genes are, in particular members of the GH/IGF system that exerts a significant influence on growth and muscle mass but also on energy metabolism.

In our work, genotype-based animal models (transgenic and knockout mice) are integrated, as are phenotype-based animal models (Dummerstorf long-term selection mouse lines and farm animal breeds).


Dr. rer. nat. Julia Brenmoehl
Institute of Genome Biology
+49 38208 68-937 | E-Mail
E-Mail +49 38208 68-937
Dr. rer. nat. Anne-Marie Galow
Institute of Genome Biology
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E-Mail +49 38208 68-723
Dr. Antonia Noce
Institute of Genome Biology
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E-Mail +49 38208 68-947

Supervised Doctoral Candidates