Genome Biology – Publications

Giada, F.; Martorell Ribera, J.; Bernardeschi, M.; Scarcelli, V.; Jönsson, E.; Diano, N.; Moggio, M.; Guidi, P.; Sturve, J.; Asker, N. (2021):
Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S Induce Endocrine and Chromosomal Alterations in Brown Trout. Front Endocrinol 12: 945519, 1-13
Nolte, W. (2021):
Identifizierung und Charakterisierung der Rolle langer nichtkodierender RNA (lncRNA) bei der Genregulation von Stoffwechselprozessen beim Rind Rostock: 1-135
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Alternative Animal Models of Aging Research. FRONT MOL BIOSCI 8: 660959, 1-27
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Central Suppression of the GH/IGF Axis and Abrogation of Exercise-Related mTORC1/2 Activation in the Muscle of Phenotype-Selected Male Marathon Mice (DUhTP). Cells-Basel 10 (12): 3418, 1-19
Devika, A.; Montebaur, A.; Saravanan, S.; Bhushan, R.; Koch, Frederic; Sudheer, S. (2021):
Human ES Cell Culture Conditions Fail to Preserve the Mouse Epiblast State. STEM CELLS INT 2021: 8818356, 1-12
Magray, A. R.; Martorell Ribera, J.; Isernhagen, L.; Galuska, S. P.; Günther, J.; Verleih, M.; Viergutz, T.; Brunner, R. M.; Ganai, B.; Ahmad, F.; Zlatina, K.; Rebl, A. (2021):
Evaluation of blood cell viability rate, gene expression, and O-GlcNAcylation profiles as indicative signatures for fungal stimulation of salmonid cell models. MOL IMMUNOL 142: 120-129
Alaedin, M.; Ghaffari, M. H.; Sadri, H.; Meyer, J.; Dänicke, S.; Frahm, J.; Huber, K.; Grindler, S.; Kersten, S.; Rehage, J.; Murani, E.; Sauerwein, H. (2021):
Effects of dietary l-carnitine supplementation on the response to an inflammatory challenge in mid-lactating dairy cows: Hepatic mRNA abundance of genes involved in fatty acid metabolism. J Dairy Sci 104 (10): 11193-11209
Pan, Z.; Yao, Y.; Hongwei, Y.; Cai, Z.; Wang, Y.; Bai, L.; Kern, C.; Halstead, M.; Chanthavixay, G.; Trakooljul, N.; Wimmers, K.; Sahana, G.; Su, G.; Lund, M. S.; Fredholm, M.; Karlskov-Mortensen, P.; Ernst, C. W.; Ross, P.; Tuggle, C. K.; Fang, L.; Zhou, H. (2021):
Pig genome functional annotation enhances the biological interpretation of complex traits and human disease. Nat Commun 12: 5848, 1-15
Chabanovska, O.; Galow, A.-M.; David, R.; Lemcke, H. (2021):
mRNA – A game changer in regenerative medicine, cell-based therapy and reprogramming strategies. ADV DRUG DELIVER REV 179: 114002, 1-22
Li, Z. (2021):
Glucocorticoid receptor-mediated responses to immune stress in pigs in the context of a natural gain-of-function substitution Ala610Val Landwirtschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Bonn, Bonn ( 1-156
Jenkins, C. A.; Becker, D.; Schofield, E. C.; Mellersh, C.; De Risio, L.; Ricketts, S. L. (2021):
Improving the resolution of canine genome-wide association studies using genotype imputation: A study of two breeds. Anim Genet 52 (5): 703-713
Wolfien, M.; Galow, A.-M.; David, R. (2021):
Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Procedures and Data Analysis. In: Bioinformatics (Nakaya, H. I. , Hrsg.) Exon Publications, Brisbane (978-0-6450017-1-6): 19-35
Deniskova, T.E.; Petrov, S. N.; Sermyagin, A. A.; Dotsev, A. V.; Fornara, M. S.; Reyer, H.; Wimmers, K.; Bagirov, V.A.; Brem, G.; Zinovieva, N. A. (2021):
A search for genomic variants associated with body weight in sheep based on high density SNP genotypes analysis. Agricultural Biology 56 (2): 279-291
Zinovieva, N. A.; Sheiko, I. P.; Dotsev, A. V.; Sheiko, R. I.; Mikhailova, M. E.; Sermyagin, A. A.; Abdelmanova, A. S.; Kharzinova, V. R.; Reyer, H.; Wimmers, K.; Sölkner, J.; Pleshanov, N. V.; Brem, G. (2021):
Genome-wide SNP analysis clearly distinguished the Belarusian Red cattle from other European cattle breeds. Anim Genet 52 (5): 720-724
Chamberlain, A.; Cheng, H.; Giuffra, E.; Kühn, C.; Tuggle, C. K.; Zhou, H. (2021):
Editorial: Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes. Front Genet 12: 768626, 1-3
Marina, H.; Chitneedi, P.; Pelayo, R.; Suarez-Vega, A.; Esteban-Blanco, C.; Gutiérrez-Gil, B.; Arranz, J. J. (2021):
Study on the concordance between different SNP-genotyping platforms in sheep. Anim Genet 52 (6): 868-880
Chitneedi, P.; Weikard, R.; Arranz, J. J.; Martínez-Valladares, M.; Kühn, C.; Gutiérrez-Gil, B. (2021):
Identification of Regulatory Functions of LncRNAs Associated With T. circumcincta Infection in Adult Sheep. Front Genet 12: 685341, 1-18
Robic, A.; Cerutti, C.; Kühn, C.; Faraut, T. (2021):
Comparative analysis of the circular transcriptome in muscle, liver and testis in three livestock species. Front Genet 12: 665153, 1-19
Gebauer, T.; Gebauer, R.; Císař, P.; Tran, H.; Tomášek, O.; Podhorec, P.; Prokešová, M.; Rebl, A.; Stejskal, V. (2021):
The Effect of Different Feeding Applications on the Swimming Behaviour of Siberian Sturgeon: A Method for Improving Restocking Programmes. BIOLOGY-BASEL 10 (11): 1162, 1-15
Abousoliman, I.; Reyer, H.; Oster, M.; Murani, E.; Mohamed, I.; Wimmers, K. (2021):
Genome-Wide Analysis for Early Growth-Related Traits of the Locally Adapted Egyptian Barki Sheep. Genes-Basel 12 (8): 1243, 1-10