Genome Biology – Publications

Engel, L.; Becker, D.; Nissen, T.; Russ, I.; Thaller, G.; Krattenmacher, N. (2022):
Mitochondrial DNA Variation Contributes to the Aptitude for Dressage and Show Jumping Ability in the Holstein Horse Breed. Animals-Basel 12 (6): 740, 1-15
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How to Slow down the Ticking Clock: Age-Associated Epigenetic Alterations and Related Interventions to Extend Life Span. Cells-Basel 11 (3): 468, 1-40
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Don’t Let It Get Under Your Skin! – Vaccination Protects the Skin Barrier of Common Carp From Disruption Caused by Cyprinid Herpesvirus 3. Front Immunol 13: 787201, 1-19
Seibel, H.; Chikwati, E.; Schulz, C.; Rebl, A. (2022):
A Multidisciplinary Approach Evaluating Soybean Meal-Induced Enteritis in Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. FISHES-BASEL 7 (1): 22, 1-18
Chan, J.; Kadri, S.; Köllner, B.; Rebl, A.; Korytar, T. (2022):
RNA-seq of single fish cells – seeking out the leukocytes mediating immunity in teleost fishes. Front Immunol 13: 798712, 1-15
de los Rios Pérez, L.; Druet, T.; Goldammer, T.; Wittenburg, D. (2022):
Analysis of autozygosity using whole-genome sequence data of full-sib families in pikeperch (Sander lucioperca). Front Genet 12: 786934, 1-9
Nolte, W.; Weikard, R.; Albrecht, E.; Hammon, H. M.; Kühn, C. (2022):
Metabogenomic analysis to functionally annotate the regulatory role of long non-coding RNAs in the liver of cows with different nutrient partitioning phenotype. Genomics 114 (1): 202-214
Abu Risha, M.; Ali, A.; Siengdee, P.; Trakooljul, N.; Dannenberger, D.; Wimmers, K.; Ponsuksili, S. (2022):
Insights into molecular pathways and fatty acid membrane composition during the temperature stress response in the murine C2C12 cell model. Sci Total Environ 807 (3): 151019, 1-13
Murani, E.; Trakooljul, N.; Hadlich, F.; Ponsuksili, S.; Wimmers, K. (2022):
Brain transcriptome responses to dexamethasone depending on dose and sex reveal factors contributing to sex-specific vulnerability to stress-induced disorders. Neuroendocrinology 112 (3): 235-251
Peng, L.; He, Q.; Li, S.; Zhang, J. (2022):
Hydrogen-Rich Water Mitigates LPS-Induced Chronic Intestinal Inflammatory Response in Rats via Nrf-2 and NF-κB Signaling Pathways. VET SCI 9 (11): 621, 1-17
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Establishment and Characterization of FusionRed Stable Transfected Canine Prostate Adenocarcinoma and Transitional Cell Carcinoma Cells. In Vivo 36 (1): 170-179
Sadri, H.; Ghaffari, M. H.; Trakooljul, N.; Ceciliani, F.; Sauerwein, H. (2022):
MicroRNA profiling of subcutaneous adipose tissue in periparturient dairy cows at high or moderate body condition. Sci Rep-UK 12: 14748, 1-11
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Novel dalbavancin-PLLA implant coating prevents hematogenous Staphylococcus aureus infection in a minimally invasive mouse tail vein model. FRONT BIOENG BIOTECH 10: 1021827, 1-15
Petkov, S.; Brenmoehl, J.; Langhammer, M.; Höflich, A.; Röntgen, M. (2022):
Myogenic Precursor Cells Show Faster Activation and Enhanced Differentiation in a Male Mouse Model Selected for Advanced Endurance Exercise Performance. Cells-Basel 11 (6): 101, 1-20
Pérez-Matute, P.; Lopéz, I. P.; Íniguez, M.; Recio-Fernández, E.; Torrens, R.; Pineiro-Hermida, S.; Alfaro-Arnedo, E.; Chau, L.; Walz, C.; Höflich, A.; Oteo, J. A.; Pichel, J. G. (2022):
IGF1R is a mediator of sex-specific metabolism in mice: Effects of age and high-fat diet. Front Endocrinol 13: 1033208, 1-16
Hosseini, S.; Trakooljul, N.; Hirschfeld, M.; Wimmers, K.; Simianer, H.; Tetens, J.; Sharifi, R.; Brenig, B. (2022):
Epigenetic Regulation of Phenotypic Sexual Plasticity Inducing Skewed Sex Ratio in Zebrafish. Front Cell Dev Biol 10: 880779, 1-21
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Inhibition of KRAS, MEK and PI3K Demonstrate Synergistic Anti-Tumor Effects in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines. CANCERS 14 (18): 4467, 1-21
Gladbach, C. (2022):
Untersuchungen über den Einfluss der Gen-Umwelt-Interaktion auf klinische, endokrinologische und metabolische Parameter im Verlauf der Geburt bei einer Schweinerobustrasse (Angler Sattelschwein) und einer modernen reproduktiv leistungsstarken Schweinerasse (Deutsche Landrasse) VVB Laufersweiler Verlag, Gießen (978-3-8359-7090-8): 1-395
Palma Vera, S. E.; Reyer, H.; Langhammer, M.; Reinsch, N.; Derezanin, L.; Fickel, J.; Qanbari, S.; Weitzel, J. M.; Franzenburg, S.; Hemmrich-Stanisak, G.; Schoen, J. (2022):
Author Correction: Genomic characterization of the world’s longest selection experiment in mouse reveals the complexity of polygenic traits. BMC BIOL 20: 238, 1-2