Genome Biology – Publications

Galow, A.-M.; Brenmoehl, J.; Höflich, A. (2023):
Synergistic effects of hormones on structural and functional maturation of cardiomyocytes and implications for heart regeneration. Cell Mol Life Sci 80: 240, 1-33
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CCR2 macrophage response determines the functional outcome following cardiomyocyte transplantation. GENOME MED 15: 61, 1-18
Murani, E.; Gilbert, H.; Rauw, W. (2023):
Editorial: Genotype-by-environment interaction in farm animals: from measuring to understanding. Front Genet 14: 1267334, 1-2
Salavati, M.; Clark, R.; Becker, D.; Kühn, C.; Plastow, G.; Dupont, S.; Costa Monteiro Moreira, G.; Charlier, C.; Clark, E. (2023):
Improving the annotation of the cattle genome by annotating transcription start sites in a diverse set of tissues and populations using Cap Analysis Gene Expression sequencing [epublished ahead of print]. G3-Genes Genom Genet
Ogun, O. J.; Thaller, G.; Becker, D. (2023):
Molecular Structural Analysis of Porcine CMAH-Native Ligand Complex and High Throughput Virtual Screening to Identify Novel Inhibitors. PATHOGENS 12 (5): 684, 1-18
Höflich, A.; Galow, A.-M.; Brenmoehl, J.; Hadlich, F. (2023):
Growth and development of the mammary gland in mice-control of the insulin-like growth factor system by hormones and metalloproteases, and putative interference with micro RNAs. ANIM FRONT 13 (3): 84-92
van Muilekom, D.; Collet, B.; Rebl, H.; Zlatina, K.; Sarais, F.; Goldammer, T.; Rebl, A. (2023):
Lost and Found: The Family of NF-κB Inhibitors Is Larger than Assumed in Salmonid Fish. Int J Mol Sci 24 (12): 10229, 1-21
Gu, H.; Du, Z.; Murani, E.; D Alessandro, E.; Chen, C,; Wang, X.; Mao, J.; Wimmers, K.; Song, C. (2023):
A 314-bp SINE insertion in the ZNF2 promoter region may act as a repressor related to regulation of fat deposition in pigs. J Integr Agr 22 (2): 526-536
Iqbal, M. A.; Hadlich, F.; Reyer, H.; Oster, M.; Trakooljul, N.; Murani, E.; Perdomo-Sabogal, A.; Wimmers, K.; Ponsuksili, S. (2023):
RNA-Seq-based discovery of genetic variants and allele-specific expression of two layer lines and broiler chicken [epublished ahead of print]. Evol Appl
Honerlagen, H.; Reyer, H.; Abousoliman, I.; Segelke, D.; Ponsuksili, S.; Trakooljul, N.; Reinsch, N.; Kuhla, B.; Wimmers, K. (2023):
Microbial signature inferred from genomic breeding selection on milk urea concentration and its relation to proxies of nitrogen-utilization efficiency in Holsteins [epublished ahead of print]. J Dairy Sci
Pan, Z.; Wang, Y.; Wang, M.; Wang, Y.; ZHU, X.; Gu, H.; Zhong, C.; An, L.; Shan, M.; Damas, J.; Halstead, M.; Guan, D.; Trakooljul, N.; Wimmers, K.; Bi, Y.; Wu, S.; Delany, M. E.; Bai, X; Cheng, H.; Sun, C.; Yang, N.; Hu, X.; Lewin, H.A.; Fang, L.; Zhou, H. (2023):
An atlas of regulatory elements in chicken: A resource for chicken genetics and genomics. SCI ADV 9 (18): 1-14
Czycholl, I.; Büttner, K.; Becker, D.; Schwennen, C.; Baumgärtner, W.; Otten, W.; Wendt, M.; Puff, C.; Krieter, J. (2023):
Are biters sick? Health status of tail biters in comparison to control pigs. PORCINE HEALTH MANAG 9: 19, 1-18
Hasan, M.; Oster, M.; Reyer, H.; Wimmers, K.; Fischer, D.-C. (2023):
Efficacy of dietary vitamin D3 and 25(OH)D3 on reproduction, growth, immunity, and bone development in pigs [epublished ahead of print]. Brit J Nutr
Krieg, J.; Stalljohann, G.; Oster, M.; Pfuhl, R.; Reckels, B.; Preissinger, W.; Weber, M.; Meyer, H.H.D; Feuerstein, D.; Schneider, F. (2023):
Stepwise reduction of dietary phosphorus in diets for piglets and fattening pigs of different origins and under various environments - A ringtest. Animals-Basel 13 (11): 1174, 1-18
Ogun, O. J.; Soremekun, O.; Thaller, G.; Becker, D. (2023):
An In Silico Functional Analysis of Non-Synonymous Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms of Bovine CMAH Gene and Potential Implication in Pathogenesis. PATHOGENS 12 (4): 591, 1-17
Koch, F.; Otten, W.; Sauerwein, H.; Reyer, H.; Kuhla, B. (2023):
Mild heat stress-induced adaptive immune response in blood mononuclear cells and leukocytes from mesenteric lymph nodes of primiparous lactating Holstein cows. J Dairy Sci 106 (4): 3008-3022
Murani, E.; Hadlich, F. (2023):
Exploration of genotype-by-environment interactions affecting gene expression responses in porcine immune cells. Front Genet 14: 1157267, 1-9
Clols-Fuentes, J.; Nguinkal, J. A.; Unger, Patrick; Kreikemeyer, B.; Palm, H. (2023):
Bacterial community in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) recirculating aquaculture systems under different stocking densities. FRONT MAR SCI 10: 1073250, 1-12
Ludwig, C.; Bohleber, S.; Lapp, R.; Rebl, A.; Wirth, C.; Langhammer, M.; Schweizer, U.; Weitzel, J. M.; Michaelis, M. (2023):
Alterations in gonadotropin, apoptotic and metabolic pathways in granulosa cells warrant superior fertility of the Dummerstorf high fertility mouse line 1. J OVARIAN RES 16: 32, 1-16
Chan, J.; Picard-Sanchez, A.; Majstorovic, J.; Rebl, A.; Koczan, D.; Dycka, F.; Holzer, A.; Korytar, T. (2023):
Red blood cells in proliferative kidney disease - rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) infected by Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae harbor IgM+ red blood cells. Front Immunol 14: 1041325, 1-15