Institute of Genome Biology – Overview

Elucidation of the genetic and epigenetic basis of inheritance and trait differentiation for important breeding traits 

Objective of the Institute of Genome Biology is the identification of the genome contribution to trait variation and performance differences as well as the clarification of the genetic potential of individual farm animals. Therefore, we perform holistic analyses on different molecular layers between genotype and phenotype and integrate such 'omics'-data.

We analyze structure, localization, and functional principles of trait associated genetic variation as well as of regulation of gene expression and gene interaction to contribute to the definition of functional units of the genome.

In the Institute of Genome Biology, researchers from various life science sections (agriculture, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, nutritional science, and veterinary medicine) and well qualified technicians analyze the molecular and epigenetic essentials of heredity and differentiation of important traits, such as animal health, adaptation capability, and resource efficiency to develop efficient tools for livestock breeding and farming.