Behavioural Physiology – Publications

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Editorial: Captive animal behavior: Individual differences in learning and cognition, and implications on animal welfare. Front Vet Sci 9: 1102122, 1-3
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Cooperative Livestock Farming: a chance for a breakthrough for PLF?. In: Precision Livestock Farming '22 : papers presented at the 10th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming (Daniel Berckmans, Michael Iwersen, Maciej Oczak, Karen Wagener, Hrsg.) DKH Know-How, Vienna (978-83-965360-0-6): 584-591
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Guidelines to apply for ethical approval of animals experiments. In: Methods in cattle physiology and behaviour research - Recommendations from the SmartCow consortium (Sadjad Danesh Mesgaran, René Baumont, Lene Munksgaard, David Humphries, Emer Kennedy, Jan Dijkstra, Richard Dewhurst, Holly Ferguson, Marta Terré und Björn Kuhla, Hrsg.) PUBLISSO, Cologne: 1-12
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Negative Magnetic Sorting Preserves the Functionality of Ex Vivo Cultivated Non-Adherent Human Monocytes. BIOLOGY-BASEL 11 (11): 1583, 1-12
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Manteuffel, C.; Puppe, B.; Hartwig, T.; Wirthgen, E. (2022):
Learning, health and productivity of group-housed sows conditioned to signal-feeding under realistic husbandry conditions. LIVEST SCI 266: 105111, 1-13
Gimsa, U.; Brückmann, R.; Tuchscherer, A.; Tuchscherer, M.; Kanitz, E. (2022):
Early-life maternal deprivation affects the mother-offspring relationship in domestic pigs, as well as the neuroendocrine development and coping behavior of piglets. Front Behav Neurosci 16: 980350, 1-18
Finkemeier, M.; Krause, A.; Tuchscherer, A.; Puppe, B.; Langbein, J. (2022):
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Schregel, J.; Schulze Holthausen, J.; Sciascia, Q. L.; Li, Z.; Görs, S.; Eggert, A.; Tuchscherer, A.; Zentek, J.; Metges, C. C. (2022):
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Langbein, J.; Borbala, F.; Krause, A.; Maudanz, H.; Melzer, N. (2022):
Different approaches to study emotions and social interactions of farm animals for a deeper understanding of animal welfare. In: Volume 2 of the Proceedings of the joint 12th International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research and 6th Seminar on Behavioral Methods (Andrew Spink, Jarosław Barski, Anne-Marie Brouwer, Gernot Riedel, Annesha Sil, Hrsg.) (978-90-74821-94-0): 263-266
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Opportunities (and challenges) in dairy cattle cognition research: A key area needed to design future high welfare housing systems. Appl Anim Behav Sci 255: 105727, 1-8
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Moscovice, L. R.; Hohmann, G.; Trumble, B.; Fruth, B.; Jaeggi, A. (2022):
Dominance or Tolerance? Causes and consequences of a period of increased intercommunity encounters among bonobos (Pan paniscus) at LuiKotale. Int J Primatol 43: 434-459
Moscovice, L. R.; Gimsa, U.; Otten, W.; Eggert, A. (2022):
Salivary Cortisol, but Not Oxytocin, Varies With Social Challenges in Domestic Pigs: Implications for Measuring Emotions. Front Behav Neurosci 16: 899397, 1-15
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