Behavioural Physiology – Experimental Facilities

We study the behaviour of farm animals in the various experimental facilities of the FBN for swine, cattle and dwarf goats with respective specific techniques for the observation and analysis of behaviour including bioacoustics. We also use the model animal laboratory of the FBN.

Experimental Animal Facility: Pig

with specific behavioural arenas, bioacoustics laboratory, call feeding system, animal operating theatre and biochemistry laboratory

Experimental Animal Facility: Dwarf goats

with specific behavioural arenas and learning devices

Experimental Animal Facility: Cattle

with behaviour arena, TrackLab system, impact sound plate and feeding/weighing troughs

Animal Technical Centre

with animal operating theatre and specific housing facilities for temporary intensive studies

Specialised laboratories (Haus 7)

for high-pressure liquid chromatography, hormone, neurotransmitter and receptor analytics, gene expression analyses, cell culture techniques, flow cytometry, immunoassays and neurohistochemistry