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The scientists at the Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN) have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of agricultural research and farm animal science. Within the scope of the expert service, they gladly make this available to all interested parties who need first-hand information in a professional environment. These include political and economic decision-makers as well as print and other media journalists and authors. Reliable information can be obtained by going to the source. Talk to us! 

Topic Expert  
Bees Prof. Dr. Norbert Reinsch  
Circadian Rhythms Dr. Pål Westermark  
Dummerstorf long-term selection lines (laboratory mice) Dr. Martina Langhammer  
Meat quality and meat production Prof. Dr. Steffen Maak  
Reproductive biotechnologies Dr. Frank Becker  
Functional analysis of the somatropic axis PD Dr. Andreas Höflich  
Feed intake regulation and the energy metabolism PD Dr. Björn Kuhla  
Cattle and swine genetics and breeding Prof. Dr. Norbert Reinsch  
Genomic imprinting/epigenetics Prof. Dr. Norbert Reinsch  
Fish genetics genome mapping PD Dr. Tom Goldammer  
Hormones of fatty tissue and influence on the metabolism PD Dr. Manfred Mielenz  
Mapping experiments Dr. Friedrich Teuscher  
Lipid metabolism in farm animals Prof. Dr. Steffen Maak  
Mineral metabolism (Ca, Mg) in farm animals PD Dr. Monika Röntgen  
Molecular biology and genetics of the
neuroendocrine stress response in swine
Dr. Eduard Muráni  
Molecular methods in reproductive biology PD Dr. Joachim Weitzel  
Next Generation Sequencing Dr. Ronald Brunner  
Farm animal behaviour Prof. Dr. Birger Puppe  
Parasite infection in poultry Dr. Gürbüz Daş  
Postnatal calf development, calf feeding PD Dr. Harald Hammon  
Protein and amino acid metabolism Prof. Dr. Cornelia C. Metges  
General reproductive biology, epigenetics PD Dr. Jens Vanselow  
Reproductive biology, cell culture models Dr. Jennifer Schön  
Slaughtering and meat quality Dr. Ralf Pfuhl  
Secondary plant compounds and influence on the metabolism PD Dr. Manfred Mielenz  
Statistical analysis of genomic data Dr. Dörte Wittenburg  
Management of the female sexual cycle of ruminants PD Dr. Jens Vanselow  
Metabolism of the high-performance cow PD Dr. Harald Hammon  
Metabolic changes due to heat stress PD Dr. Björn Kuhla  
Stress processing and health Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gimsa  
Genetic defects Prof. Dr. Christa Kühn  
Heredity and occurrence of quantitative characteristics in cattle Prof. Dr. Christa Kühn  
Heredity and occurrence of quantitative characteristics in swine Prof. Dr. Klaus Wimmers  
Experimental Design Dr. Armin Tuchscherer  
Animal welfare Dr. Sandra Düpjan  
Cell and transport physiology in farm animals PD Dr. Monika Röntgen  
Breeding value estimation PD Dr. Manfred Mayer