Respiration Chambers

The FBN maintains one of the most modern facilities for farm animals in Europe. Measuring metabolism of animals can be performed in respiration chambers.

Air-conditioned respiratory chambers are available for:

  • Farm animals (cattle, pig, sheep, goat) 4 chambers each
  • Laboratory animals (mouse, rat) 6 chambers each.

The following parameters are continuously registered (e.g. for large animals):

  • Gases: CO2, O2, CH4, NH3
  • Feed and water intake
  • Standing and lying time
  • Physical activity
  • Video recording
  • Air flow rate through the chamber
  • Air pressure, temperature and relative humidity in the chamber.

The chambers are air-conditioned: Temperature 0-35 °C, relative humidity 40-90 % (in a temperature range 15-30 °C). Special constructions allow milking blood samplings or infusions without door opening. Chamber measurements are in accordance with the German Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG).

Note: Respiration can only be used under the expert supervision of FBN staff.

Detailed description:

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