Bioacoustics chamber for pigs

At our Experimental Facility for Pigs (EAS) we have a sound attenuated room for acoustic recordings. It is equipped with a 3 by 3 metre arena with opaque wooden walls, which can also be used as an Open Field for piglets, a camera for video observation and sound-absorbing foam padded walls for attenuation of reverberation.

The camera is connected to a digital video recorder installed in a separate room across the floor, which is integrated into the local FBN network and can also be controlled from other workstations within this network. A microphone can be placed centrally above the enclosure at varying heights.

Further structures and hardware (e.g. an additional compartment serving as start box, loudspeakers, Novel Objects) can be added as required to modify the room for various research purposes.

Pictures: on the left a screenshot from a video; on the right a photograph of a novel object test. Note the sound-absorbing foam padding on the walls (out of reach for the animals).