PD Dr. sc. agr. Siriluck Wimmers

Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN)
Head of Working group Integrative Genomics
Wilhelm-Stahl-Allee 2
18196 Dummerstorf

Research interests

  • Molecular genetics and expression of traits related to meat quality and other productive traits in livestock
  • miRNA regulatory network involved in energy metabolism and meat quality in muscle cells
  • Trait-associated variation at the molecular levels of the genotype-phenotype map

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2014: Head of unit Functional Genome Analysis, Institute of Genome Biology, FBN
  • 2004-2013: Senior Scientist, Functional Genome Analysis, FBN
  • 2003: Habilitation, venia legendi Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Bonn
  • 1997-2003: Scientist at the Faculty of Agriculture, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Bonn
  • 1997: Assisted Professor of Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 1990-1995: DAAD-Scholarship, Doctoral student at the Institute of Animal production, TU Berlin
  • 1987-1997: Lecturer of Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Chiang Mai, Thailand


Lectures and seminars at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn


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