PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Manfred Mielenz

Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN)
working group Nutritional Physiology
Wilhelm-Stahl-Allee 2
18196 Dummerstorf

Research interests

  • insects as farm animals for the utilization of residuals and by-products
  • nutrient sensing
  • energy efficiency
  • metabolism
  • adipokines
  • fatty acids
  • metabolic signalling pathways
  • bioactive food ingredients

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2013–present: Senior Scientist, Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN) Dummerstorf, Institute of Nutritional Physiology 'Oskar Kellner'
  • 2013–present: Private Lecturer at the University of Bonn
  • 2013: Habilitation (Physiology) at the University of Bonn
  • 2002–2012: Senior Scientist at the University of Bonn, Institute of Animal Science, Physiology and Hygiene Unit
  • Doctorate at the University of Hannover; Thesis at the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute, Federal Research Institute of Animal Health, Institute of Farm Animal Genetics, Department of Functional Genomics and Bioregulation, formerly Federal Agricultural Research Center (FAL) in Mariensee
  • Studies in Biology at the University of Hannover; Diploma thesis at the Federal Agricultural Research Center (FAL) in Mariensee


  • Physiology and anatomy


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