Experimental abattoir

The Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology operates an experimental abattoir, integrated in the Institute for Muscle Biology and Growth.

The experimental abattoir is approved by the E.U., the German quality management system QS and, is member of the German animal welfare organization “Initiative Tierwohl”. All common Llivestock species can be slaughtered according to the current animal welfare regulations. The slaughter process can be highly standardized and guarantees for reproducible conditions for data collection. Carcasses can be dissected by professional staff according to the requirements of respective experiments.

This allows detailed investigations of complex physiological processes in carcasses of farm animals as well as rapid preparation of metabolically active tissues for further analysis.Consequently, the experimental abattoir provides reproducible phenotypic data and customized tissue samples and is a central element of interdisciplinary research on farm animals at the FBN.

Dr. Ralf Pfuhl Head of Experimental abattoir
+49 38208 68-852