Experimental Animal Facilitiy Pig

The swine experimentation facility with space for about 750 animals in an enclosed system is divided into piglet production and test animal husbandry.

A special feature is the visitor corridor in the attic with viewing access to virtually all parts of the barn. This makes it possible to transparently present test animal husbandry to a broad audience with no risk of contagion.

Around 80 sows of the German Landrace with own reproduction form the uniform genetic test base. The population is defined by a very good health status and a high level of performance. As a breeding nucleus of the mother breeds, the pure bred sows are recorded in the herd book of the breeding association (Hybridschweinezuchtverband Nord/Ost e.V.).

The swine experimentation facility has a veterinary examination and treatment room, two chemical laboratories and a technical laboratory for bioacoustics and open field tests.

Special features include continuous standard management and comprehensive data recording for each animal.

Dipl.-Ing. agr. Klaus-Dieter Witt Head of Experimental Animal Facilities
+49 38208 68-602