Experimental Animal Facility Cattle

The Experimental Animal Facility Cattle has a capacity for 86 milk cows. It includes a free stall, calving and milking barn as well as a staff building.

A special test room is used for bioacoustic and behaviour psychology studies.

Roughage and water consumption are recorded automatically using weighing troughs. Activity and body weight are also recorded automatically and continuously. Informative parameters, in particular regarding milk quality, are recorded in the auto-tandem milk stand and used for process control and to optimise herd management.

Measuring systems to record methane emissions (GreenFeed), the early detection of lameness (impact sound plate) and individual movement (Track-Lab system) are integrated for special research projects.

Dipl.-Ing. agr. Klaus-Dieter Witt Head of Experimental Animal Facilities
+49 38208 68-602