Administrative tasks are grouped into divisions.

The administration is service-oriented. It establishes the conditions for effective scientific work under consideration of legal and collective bargaining regulations as well as administrative and economic principles according to the requirements for a modern administration.

Responsible for providing the tools and processes so the employee potential of the FBN is used to best advantage.

In addition to personnel recruitment and retention measures for permanent staff and employees funded by third parties, promoting the in part international new scientific talent plays a major role. Numerous post-docs and doctoral candidates work at the FBN. Internships and guest residences of external researchers are also supported under cooperation agreements. Bachelor and master theses are written in cooperation with the FBN as well.

Recruiting qualified new employees is not only important to us in the academic field. Training biology laboratory assistants in particular is of great importance to us as well.

Measures to maintain equal opportunities – especially by supporting new employees and taking steps to improve the balance between work and family – as well as health management, training and continuing education offerings help maintain the capability and motivation of employees at a high level.

Head: Anja Sachse

Employees in this division prepare the financial section of the program budget on the basis of the cost-performance calculation, participate in its administration in compliance with legal provisions in budget management and prepare the report on the expenditure of funds.

The legally compliant awarding of procurement contracts is ensured by this division, which also manages the inventory. Administration and settlement of the financial aspect of projects funded by third parties is realised here as well.

Head: Ines Woik

Key tasks are the management of large construction projects in excess of EUR 500 thousand and the realisation of smaller construction measures, building maintenance and management of the properties with around 20 ha of land area, 6,500 m2 of usable building area and 11,000 m2 of barn space.

The division includes a group of craftsmen that carries out smaller conversions and maintenance measures, and also maintains and repairs scientific equipment. It is responsible for vehicle fleet maintenance as well.

Head: Frank Mogwitz

Anja Sachse Head of Administration
Cathleen Möller Office
+49 38208 68-602