Representative Body for Disabled Employees

The Representative Body for Disabled Employees is elected to represent the interests of severely disabled and equivalent employees (Sections 94–97 of the Social Security Code (SGB) IX). Its responsibilities include promoting the participation of persons with severe disabilities in the working life of the institute and representing their interests (Section 95, Paragraph 1 SGB IX).

It is responsible for the following among other things:

  • Monitoring the implementation of laws, directives, collective agreements, bargaining or operating agreements and administrative instructions in favour of persons with severe disabilities.
  • Applying to the responsible bodies for measures in the interest of persons with severe disabilities.
  • Receiving suggestions and complaints from persons with severe disabilities and, if they appear justified, working towards their resolution through negotiations with the employer.
  • Participating in the introduction and implementation of operational integration management.
  • Assisting employees with the application process for recognition as severely disabled or equivalent (Section 95, Paragraph 1, Sentence 2 SGB IX).

Karsten Schlettwein Representative for Disabled Employees
+49 38208 68-902