• Research for better livestock management.
    We conduct research for responsible livestock farming as an indispensable element of sustainable agriculture.
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Focus Topics

Farm animal husbandry is a central element of the bioeconomy, of agricultural production and for the design of rural areas. Making livestock farming sustainable and fit for the future is a complex task. Resource efficiency and conservation, taking into account local and global environmental and climate impacts, are just as much in focus as the welfare and health of the animals and the safety of the food obtained from them.

At the Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN), more than 60 scientists conduct research in four focus topics:

  1. Individualising Farm Animal Husbrandry
  2. Farming Animals in sustainable resource cycles
  3. Coping with Critical Life Phases of Farm Animals
  4. Promoting Diversity in Animal Farming

Our research


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Forward-looking research at the interface between bioeconomy, agriculture, environmental and climate protection, animal welfare and animal health.