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Genome Biology: Overview



Diverse and evolving challenges are being encountered in the production of animal-derived food due to global and regional changes in cultural, economic,and environmental perspectives. Meeting these challenges requires the development of innovative strategies, practical solutions, and versatile tools for improved genetics and more efficient selection of animals, enabling sustainable food production that considers different production systems, divergence of markets, and changing consumer demands.

To develop innovativem ethods for balanced animal breeding and to understand and utilize the functional biodiversity of animals, we investigate the genetic and epigenetic basis of inheritance, expression, and differentiation of relevant traits. We seek to localize, identify, and characterize trait-associated, causal genetic variations. By understanding mechanisms of regulation and coordination of gene expression, we can determine the association of gene expression with organismal phenotypes. We emphasize the sustainable genetic improvement of functional properties such as resource efficiency, animal health, adaptation characteristics, fitness, and fertility, as well as product quality.

The Institute for Genome Biology aims to uncover the contributions of the genome to phenotypic variation, by address:

  • different levels of genotype-phenotype mapping and integration of “omics” data;
  • structure, localization, and functional bases of trait-associated genetic variation;
  • the regulation of gene expression and gene interaction; and
  • the definition and annotation of functional units within genomes.