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PD Dr. Tom Goldammer

Fish Genetics Unit
Institute for Genome Biology
Leibniz-Institute for Farm animal Biology
Wilhelm-Stahl-Allee 2
18196 Dummerstorf

Phone: +49 38208 68-708
Fax: +49 38208 68-702
Email: tomgoldammer@fbn-dummerstorf.de


Genome Biology: Fish Genetics Unit

Genome analyses provide indicators for developing robust fish lines adapted to local aquaculture

PD Dr. Tom Goldammer, Dr. Alexander Rebl, Dr. Ronald Brunner, Dr. Marieke Verleih, Dr. Simone Altmann

Our research is focused on the analysis of molecular biological effects of combined environmental stressors on growth and immune defense in locally farmed fish. In a genome wide approach, we compare the functional diversity and gene regulation in fish under optimal and stress conditions. This will contribute to the characterization of differences in adaptation potential of fishes. Identified molecular indicators for stress detection will be used to develop facile diagnostic tests well-functioning in practical fish aquaculture. Our analyses promote the development of locally adapted fish lines characterized by robustness and without disadvantages in economically important traits.

Junior Group:

The junior group ofthe Fish Genomics Unit investigates innate immune mechanisms in fish focusing on the detailed characterization of crucial defense factors and immune pathways in vivo and in vitro. A major aim is the generation of practice-oriented data describing the impact of abiotic and biotic stressors on the teleost immune competence. Our results may contribute to enlarge the knowledge about fish immunology and develop sustainable health care strategies for fish in aquaculture.

General goals:

  • Evaluation and establishment of rainbow trout (selection line BORN) as fish model for molecular, genetic and functional studies of mechanisms of adaptation and immune defense;
  • Validation of the productive adaptation performance of BORN trout for its implementation in commercial fish farming;
  • Comparative molecular genetic analysis between wild and farmed fish, such as rainbow trout, Baltic whitefish, silver trout, salmon and tilapia;
  • Analyses of the different genome wide gene regulation after combined stress simulation caused by stressors, such as varying temperatures and water quality, pathogens or overcrowding.


EFF Pilot project BORN trout (2012-2015)

DIREFO (2009-2011)